By choosing one of Todor company properties, you have chosen a family establishment away from the crowd, high buildings, uniformity and rigid rules of large hotel and restaurant chains.
Both hotels and restaurant of traditional Serbian cuisine, belong to the Todorovic family, a family known in the fashion industry. We have transferred our desire to understand the needs and requirements of the modern client from the fashion to the hospitality industry. As in any good clothing store, our guests will find anything at their fingertips, the choices are plentiful and the staff accommodating.

Belgrade Art Hotel is located in the centre of Belgrade and we have the privilege of being the only hotel in the capital’s main street, in the pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova. Your stay at Belgrade Art Hotel will give you the opportunity to explore the most attractive parts of the city by foot, and the absence of vehicles guarantees a peaceful night. Here you will find art, a concept stated in our hotel’s name. It is the art of design, the art of gratifying our guests, and just a touch of modern art. All this is weaved into the details in our hotel. We invite you to give into the magic of high class service and experience Belgrade Art Hotel as a place of comfort and rest, a place for pleasant times with your friends and business partners, a place for conferences, business meetings and company events. Our restaurant overlooking Knez Mihailova Street is open until late hours with weekend performances by young and talented musicians. Don’t miss to taste our delicious waffles at Avgustin Waffle & Ice Bar located on the ground floor.

Knez Mihailova 27, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia |
+381 11 3312 000; +381 11 3312 099

Welcome to the best tavern in South Eastern Europe! In the tavern „Шешир мој“ (This Hat of Mine) you will encounter the spirit of Skadarlija, the rhythm of Belgrade, the flavors of Serbia and guests from around the world. When walking down Skadarlija town, whichever place you choose to sit, rest, eat and drink will be a good choice – the atmosphere is relaxing in the daylight, and merry come nightfall. Guests are always in a good mood, the staff is pleasant and the ambiance is beyond parallel. Everyone can find something to their choosing – a quick stop bar or an excellent night club, but if you are looking for authentic Serbian tavern, you are in the right place. However, which tavern to choose? The differences are minor, but the best service, food, music and atmosphere can be found in “Шешир мој” tavern. The moment you step foot in our tavern you will enter a hidden world, only found in some places – like our tavern “Шешир мој”. Our only desire is to preserve the traditional service and offer that had made the taverns in Skadarlija famous for the last 150 years. This is not an easy task – which is why, each day and night filled with content guests are a small victory for us. Hospitality managers often forget (or they haven’t been taught right) what it means to make someone feel welcome – it is a personal interaction and quality time for the guest, not a business transaction. All the old taverns of Belgrade are close nowadays, or have changed their appearances, because traditional services are not easy to procure – but, “Шешир мој” tavern is still a tavern where chefs are licensed to cook national food, where the waiters don’t change, where the musicians are professionals with full time employment, and the food is always fresh.

Skadarska 21, 11000 Belgrade | |
+381 11 7228750

LUITA ltd is the investor - construction company engaged in the development of exclusive residential locations, from urban parameters and design, through projecting, construction and equipping. The company, through its founders have exstensive experience in the elite residential construction in the local area, along monitoring international and global guidelines in areas such as organization of space, the materialization, lifestyle and comfort. Construction and building objects follows the international company MACE, well-known in the world of project management, and its just another guarantee of quality of the final product, timing and optimum cost.


Heroja Milana Tepića 5/1, 11000 Belgrade | |
+381 11 4000 227

Belladonna is new apartment complex in oldest Spa in Serbia. Vrnjacka Banja is considered the "Queen of Spa's in Serbia," and Belladona apartmens are in it's central park. Now is the best time to invest in living space in Vrnjacka Banja, whether you plan to come for holidays or to move out of the big city permanently. Vrnjacka Banja has all the necessary infrastructure required for a modern family, the highest quality of air and water, and now, with the construction of Belladona apartments, there is also a new, high-class residential complex. The air is clean thanks to abundant greenery and the absence of traffic, while Belladonna apartments are inside the park, which is unique in Vrnjacka Banja. Belladonna apartments are just 50 meters away from the spring and Spa center, so you can enjoy all it offers, whenever you want. During the design phase of Belladonna apartments, we strived to deliver maximum comfort to future owners and to make apartments equally fit for vacation visits and continuous occupancy. High ceilings and high wooden doors provide a unique look at first glance when entering Belladonna apartments. Owners don't need to make finishing touches, as all apartments have first-class oak floors, Italian ceramics, and Japanese AC units.

Ulica 8.mart br.2, Vrnjačka Banja | |
T + 381 36 617 999